We've had a handful of cancelled events this past year.  I know it's frustrating as an attendee, but it's worse for us as officers.  We do quite a bit of work in the background just to get the chance to step out on the concrete pad.

If you've made it this far you realize we've done a handful of steps and we don't even know if we'll have access to the site, a sanction, or someone to pick up the key.  Mid week we typically get a yes, yes, and insurance /sanction to run our event.  We jump for joy and contact our guy to bring a portable toilet to the event.

At this point you'd think the event is a go right?  Nope.  Our site is an active training facility and we had 4 downed choppers left on site.  With key in hand, we've been turned away because a helo is left on site.  We've had instances where the key wasn't picked up.  We've been given the wrong key before.  We have arrived on site more than a few times and had to cancel the event at the gate.  This is in no way to blame anyone, but it takes a number of items to make an event.  

I'm sharing this to give you insight on what we are doing behind the scenes.  Keep preregistering and watching our posts for information.  Help us have a successful 2019 season. 


Thanks from the Wiregrass SCCA Officers