Thanks everyone for another great event.  We had a few firsts that I personally am proud of.  Of 49 people, 39 of you pre-registered.  That's a record and supremely helpful for us at the table checking you in. 

Charles traveled from Huntsvegas to show us how it was done in PAX.  Nathan blazed the course in his LS3 powered go kart to claim the top raw time slot.  Everyone was putting down seriously fast times for a technical course which required your attention at all times. 

Please continue to pre-register and coming out to events.  We've had a stellar year so far.  Also, registration is open for the March event Here

Wiregrass Staff


A Festivus miracle! We are back at Hunt after getting some great help with the Army, from the Army! A big thank you to everyone at Fort Rucker! Hope y'all are ready for some autocross!

Register at using this link.

The scheduled September event has been cancelled.  We are working with the Army on a new site, but we don't have anything concrete yet.  MSR registration has also been suspended.    Thanks for checking and share. 


At this moment we are going to cancel all remaining events for the rest of the year.  We are working on a new site and will update you as soon as we know something.  Until then go visit Dixie or Gulf Coast.  They are going strong.



I'm sad to report I received news this morning we are disallowed indefinitely from using Aviation Flight Facilities for our events.  We are working on another site, but that won't be resolved in time for the event this weekend.  Sorry.