May 2017

Thanks for another great event. It was a little toasty in the afternoon, but we blasted through the event and had almost an hour of fun runs. This course had some technical parts that made it difficult to master the course as a whole.

Nate took top PAX and Jerry took top RAW times for the day. I think we can all say the first left and the right after the slalom were tough to conquer. The S2000 squad ruled the 30's.

Keep in mind future spectators will need to fill out a weekend membership waiver to be allowed on course. We will run two different arm band colors from this point forward to aid in this. I need your help with anyone you may invite on site. We will run a modified format in June and July due to the heat. Stay tuned for more details and thanks for all you do. 


Jeffrey West STU #27 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

While practice is always better, there is nothing wrong with reading up on the subject.  One of our very own autocrossers, Vivek, not only can wrangle a car with the best of them but he also writes.  He has written some good articles on the how and why of fine cone crushing.  Everyone should take a peek and check it out.  It’s a good all-around read concerning how to drive an event. 


Due to a price increase of $5 from SCCA headquarters, we'll be increasing our military and non-member event pricing to $35 and $40 respectively.  The increase was due to an insurance hike for weekend members. The member price will remain at $25 per event.

There is a bright side as this increase makes becoming a member that much more appealing.  Active military folks get a $35 rebate on your membership and those deployed to hazardous conditions get their membership waived completely.  Those under 24 years old can qualify for a First Gear membership at $60.  This can be coupled with additional discounts from your copy of two weekend memberships and current member referral for $45 off.  At the new $40 a month weekend membership rate, it would only take 3 months to break even on the full membership cost of $80.

Use those wings!

April 2017

A wonderful April day saw the 4th Wiregrass SCCA event of the year. Three events attended by ATLien Matt Glagola in the small, mean SSM Elise, and three FTD’s and Top PAX’s on the Wiregrass concrete. He’s on fire.  In overall times, he was followed by Wes Hughson and myself (Jesse Waymire) both driving the POS2000.  For PAX times, 2nd was Mark Canekeratne the new SS Canekeratnemobile (2017 Z06) and Nathan Gordon taking the final podium PAX position in his STR S2000.