Midweek update... We have the key! So unless something very out of the ordinary happens the event this Sunday is a go. Remember if there is ever a reason for us to cancel the event check here and check your email. We only use mass email messaging for emergencies so you don't have to junk folder us. See you at the Stagefield. 


Hello Wiregrass racers!

We are giving Autocross #1 of 2017 another go. It is going to be this Sunday the 15th. Register for the event on MSR. If you registered for the first attempt at Autocross #1 you will still be registered. Just logon to MSR and double check your info. If you registered

for Autocross #1 and are not going to attend then don't worry you will not be charged and if you like you can cancel your registration. If you haven't registered then register! 

Please keep in mind a few points. Due to the unique way the Wiregrass region gets access to the site make sure you check back here prior to leaving for the event to make sure we can get on the property. Autocross events are a full day affair. To get eight runs each event, there is no time to schedule a lunch break. Therefore, be prepared to eat on the run and bring water to stay hydrated. Lastly, have fun.


Thank you.
Wiregrass Region SCCA and Staff